Innovation is a journey, not a destination

In my very first blog post ever I am going to tell you about my innovation journey and how I figured it is about when more than what, how or even why.

By playing with the famous quote above, I am also implying innovation is critical for survival - and it really is - but more on that later.

Just like every journey, with innovation you will have to sit and plan in advance. Think of a family trip with prickly children, allergic cousin, one grandma and a dog. These are your stakeholders and you want to ensure everyone is a) comfortable embarking on the journey together b) aware of the rules and c) ready and fit to keep up with the group. So, do your research and determine whether you(r team) have got what it takes to begin. Nothing screams anti-innovation like jumping into the deep blue unprepared, or worse - the one screaming will be you (and your business). Planning also helps you see the big picture around your initiative and, apart from the challenge, identify those core competencies and industry/customer value propositions that intersect with your company’s unique skills.

My very own journey started almost a year ago when I tagged along WDO on a mission to empower others innovate. The intensity of the onboarding was expected – I had to learn quickly and translate my learnings into meaningful actions. I had to be on top of my game, even more so than ever, as I would prove a statement we commit to. Anyone can innovate. However, not everyone knows how, what, when and sometimes why. The catch is change comes naturally and it is common that companies wait until it hits them rather than take the necessary actions and drive it themselves. There we come to help you kick it off.

To highlight the importance of being ahead of change we also carry a bag of success stories. Everyone likes success stories and, frankly, every business should have one. Though, instead of Look what we did, we would encourage statements in the spirit of See what more we can do – ones that also project a culture of change. To avoid becoming a one-hit wonder that once did that you need to consistently invest resources so change grows organically and thrives in your organisation. We help you do that too and track your progress in writing a story on your own.

We believe change is the shortcut to innovation as by doing new and different you ultimately open your business to alternative means, ways and opportunities. However big or small that is, you demonstrate a certain level of business agility and deviate from the alarming case of being stuck doing the same thing over again, expecting different results.

To conclude, innovation is not a destination - there will be no welcome sign and a soft couch waiting for you when you (think you) have arrived. You must keep going.


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